A question we often get from our runner patients is: “What running shoe is best for me?” Sometimes, it’s overwhelming even for me to choose what kind of running shoes I should wear.

However, we don’t need over-corrective shoes. Here are some tips on finding the shoes right for you. Additionally, leave any questions you may have in the comments section below.

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Video Transcription (please excuse grammatical errors and the conversational nature of the transcription):

“Hey Guys! Ben from CarterPT again. One of the difficult questions we get in the clinic is ‘What kind of running shoes should I wear?’ If you go to a running store you might find 50, 60, or 70 different options to choose from. It can be overwhelming even for me.

I go to running store and I’m not even sure what I like. The reality is there are a lot of different options for a lot of different running forms. One of the things we hear in running shoes a lot is ‘You know what I totally have over pronate.’

You know I’m not sure how there are viable way on overpronation. It’s appropriate and it’s how we transport forces around the body. You may be an overpronator, maybe not. The great thing about shoe industries is that they’re constantly changing so we don’t need to make super corrective shoes. When we over-correct people it tends to create a lot more problems.

We should allow the foot to move. So whenever you’re going to a running store, one way you can assess if this running shoes perfect for you is go to a different couple of activities like jogging interval for a minute or so. That was not really enough time to really evaluate. You don’t really know what a shoes will do until you get home and start running 3, 4, 5 miles again. And it may feel good; it may not.

But one thing I make my patients do is go to running store and have them balance on the shoe for 30 seconds. If you’re in your shoes and you’re standing on it and you’re all over the place and you can’t control that, they’re probably not the best shoe for you. Another thing I have them do is a single-like squat. A single-like squat is essential as learning over and over again. If you can single-like squat on your running shoe, you’re not really having to find it. They might be suitable shoes for you.

Most of the time, you try shoes and 2, 3, 4 might feel really good. This is just a matter of preference. But you don’t really know until you start running again. So the way you can test that out is single-like squat in your running shoe and the one that gives you the most support without over correcting it. Most likely, it’s gonna be the best shoe for you.

If you have any more question, go to CarterPT.com. Thanks. Take care.”


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