We missed you and would love to see you again. Let's make sure you continue to move and feel better.

If you haven't heard, we provide more than just PT treatment sessions. Whether you'd like a 'tune up' PT session, a nice massage, or an ongoing Mobility and Wellness program, scroll down and see all the ways you (and a loved one) can apply your $40 worth of discounts.


Improve your ability to move and perform, or just de-stress from the worries of life. 1-hour Massage normally costs $100 but you will receive $20 off your first two massages, or you can apply the $40 discount to an already-discounted package of 3, 6, or 12 massages.


Make sure the progress and pain relief you gained in PT continues to make your life more enjoyable. The stresses of working hard and training hard all add up over time so it pays to get "tuned up" now and again. 

As part of our Welcome Back special, you can get $20 off your first two tune-up sessions or apply the $40 discount to one of our Wellness and Mobility Maintenance Programs described below. (An up-to-date PT referral may be necessary in some cases)


Achieve faster, longer, more efficient running with multi-angle high speed recording and analysis of your stride.

Not a runner? Perhaps you have a friend or family member who would like to run further and faster with less pain or risk of injury?

You/they qualify for $20 off this service and $20 off massage/PT if those things could help with a current injury or avoid issues down the road

*** Do you have someone in your life who would benefit from better mobility and reduced stress? Share these offers and they will receive the same discounted rates!

This offer is valid for 90 days from the receipt of your Welcome Back postcard/email so don't miss out! Let us help you keep moving and feeling great. Call us now at (512) 693-8849 before the offer expires.

Wellness and Mobility Maintenance Programs

Designed to help you maintain the mobile, active lifestyle you want and deserve!

*** Massage can be added to any of the programs below at greatly reduced rates. Just ask for details when you call to get started with your wellness and mobility program ***

1) Monthly Momentum - Year of Care

Created to make sure you not only maintain the strength, flexibility, and progress gained from your PT Treatment, but that you continue to improve and gain momentum in your ability to enjoy as active a life as you want. 

This program provides 1 hour-long session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy every month for a year. 

2) Quarterly Physio Tune-Up

You don’t expect your car to continue running well without regular tune-ups and oil changes ... 

What better way to lubricate those joints and muscles than with some hands-on Manual Therapy from a Certified Manual Physical Therapist? 

This is also a great way to make sure you don’t lose any progress made during your past physical therapy treatment.

Includes a 1-hour Session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy every 3 months.

3) Bi-Annual Mobility Make-Over

If you stay pretty active and exercise a decent amount, it’s natural that over time micro-trauma from harder workouts can “build up” to the point of causing a real problem. 

This program is designed for those who want to make sure the issues we’ve treated do not come back slowly over time. 

Foam rollers can be great to help maintain tissue flexibility but they don’t have Doctorates in human movement and the ability to detect when trouble is creeping back into your body even if you’re not yet feeling pain again.

1 full-hour session every 6 months

Stay healthy and active for your family

4) Annual PT Check-Up

Most people get their organs and medical health checked annually … why wouldn’t you get all the things that help you move and enjoy an active lifestyle checked at least once a year?

In the annual check-up we do a full-body movement evaluation and identify any areas of tightness and/or weakness that could be causing problems or lead to serious injury.

These are 30 minute sessions designed to identify potential problems and create a plan to address them.

Call us at (512) 693-8849 with pricing questions or booking requests.

And ask about the discounts available for upfront payment!