Therapeutic Exercise

How does Carter Physiotherapy approach exercise?

Therapeutic exercise is great complimentary piece of our practice here at Carter Physiotherapy. We view it as critical to your success as a patient. Ultimately, movement is the best medicine for most of the ailments we see. We fully believe that in order to be successful with any musculoskeletal condition that appropriate exercise will ultimately lead you to a better place of healing and keep you from getting injured in the future. Find out today which exercises could be beneficial to you to get you healthy and keep this injury from coming back.

How does Carter Physiotherapy determine how much exercise to prescribe?

We hold the belief that tissue needs to be loaded and that it will adapt to stresses placed on it. When conditions are acute and inflamed we typically have our patients revise their exercise routine in order to allow an appropriate physiological response to occur. As your condition becomes less tenuous we will begin to load you with more exercises to allow the tissue to adapt. We offer a extensive library of exercises that will keep on you on track and back to life without pain.

What if my condition worsens with exercise?

Contact us immediately so we can help guide you to make appropriate changes. There is a distinct difference between pain and soreness and figuring out the difference will be critical to help make helpful modifications.

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See what our patients have to say…

Great experience with Ben and Jarod both! 3 months into marathon training my hip flexor area absolutely blew up. Ben very helpful, getting me back to training. But an important note – there is no ‘quick fix’ For these types of injuries. Ben good at explaining the function of each muscle and manually working to release. But it’s like school – you HAVE to do the homework assigned! Don’t walk out of the office with a clear understanding of what YOU must do to help them help you. Highly recommended.
Bill O