Mobility & Injury-Risk Assessment

Do you ever deal with same injuries over and over again only for them come back when you finally think you have healed up? Have you stopped doing activities that you enjoy because you fear that the same pain or a new pain will appear? Don’t let those same old injuries keep you from the things you love.

At Carter Physiotherapy, we are committed to keeping people injury free. We want nothing more than our patients to return to running the trails, playing with their kids, or getting back in the gym hitting the weights.

Our Mobility and Injury Risk Assessment is designed to keep you injury free. We spend 1 hour with each of our clients to identify any risk factors that might cause injury and derail you from your athletic/fitness goals and keep you from doing the things you love.

We will walk you through a movement screen to see if there any areas of weakness that need to be addressed. From there we will do a thorough joint assessment from head-to-toe to if there are concerns both with your soft tissue or your joints.

From there we will create a custom program for you to help improve your mobility and a very specific exercise program tailored to meet your needs.  This will most likely help you stay out of the doctor’s office.

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If you are dealing with any tightnesses or range of motion issues that could be resolved more quickly with hands-on manual therapies, we can offer options for receiving that type of help as well to speed the process.

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** Please note that this type of session is not for evaluating and treating any current injuries. If you’re currently limited by pain or injury, please call (512) 693-8849 or click here to book an “Initial Visit” evaluation and treatment session so you can get back to doing the things you need and want to do without limitations.)