We are a fun, relaxed Physical Therapy clinic looking for a ...

Happy, Personable, Highly-Skilled Manual Physical Therapist

If you would enjoy:

  • Working in a 100% cash-pay clinic without the nonsense that goes along with insurance contracts and reimbursement,
  • Spending a full hour one-on-one with each of your patients (and only 6-7 patients per day!),
  • An employer dedicated to your continued learning, professional development, and happiness,
  • Drastically reduced paperwork requirements comared to the average in-network PT clinic,
  • Having a pivotal role in a growing company that helps people stay active and live the lives they want to live,

This could be the perfect position for you!

Success Description
To have superstar status in this position, you will:

  • Create 2 compelling pieces of content each month (blog, video, report/eBook, etc) that will educate our ideal patients on resolving their limitations and getting back to the active lifestyle they desire.
  • Laugh and make others laugh (or at least make them smile : )
  • Learn and apply specific scripts and techniques for performing free phone consultations and in-person injury screens with prospective patients, so that a maximum possible number of people needing our help decide to do business with us.
  • Actively engage and take notes in staff meetings and regular manual therapy trainings. ("Training" will not end after your first few months ... we are ALWAYS training, evolving, and improving).
  • Smile and make patients feel extremely welcome and cared for, even on days you're not feeling very 'smiley'.
  • Stay current on research and methodolgies that will help you provide superior treatment and patient interactions.
  • Actively seek to understand what drives each of your patients ... it's not pain that brought them to the clinic; it's an activity they need, want, or love to do which the pain is keeping them from doing in the way they want.
  • Care about your co-workers and take an interest in their lives and happiness. 
  • Be willing to occasionally work on a Saturday to serve those patients who can't schedule appointments during the weekdays or fit in the weekday spots we have available. (When this occurs, that time would be subtracted from your need to be at the clinic at some other point in the week)
  • Express gratitude to our administrative staff for how much easier and more enjoyable they make our time at the clinic.
  • Understand that to reach and help the most people with our hard-earned skills and knowledge, we must "sell" our services. You will get comfortable with the terms "sales" and "selling," and understand that ethical selling is how we benefit the most possible people.
  • Adopt a firm belief that we are not just here to help people when they get injured, but that we have the role of primary caregiver for musculoskeletal impairments and that we are our clients' lifelong guides to staying active and healthy.
  • Move at least one patient per month into our ongoing wellness and maintenance programs. 
  • Never take for granted the amazing patient-care atmosphere and daily work setting this job provides compared to the typical outpatient PT clinic.
  • Be a physical representation of health, wellness, and fitness ... how can we ask our patients to do things we're not willing to do ourselves?
  • Attend at least one community/athletic event each month to generate and deepen connections with attendees and referral sources (even if these events take place on the weekend).
  • Compell at least 2 patients per month to leave an online review of their experinece at Carter Physiotherapy.
  • Just being awesome in general and proactively thinking of things that could make a huge difference to the way the business runs and our ability to help people.

Hi, my name is Jarod Carter. I’m a physical therapist and owner of a PT clinic in the Central Austin/Westlake area: Carter Physiotherapy.

I’m looking to bring on a superstar Manual Physical Therapist, but before I start asking you questions, let me tell you a bit more about myself, this practice and our treatment philosophy so you can determine if you are likely to be a great fit with us …

I earned my DPT about 10 years ago and shortly thereafter earned a Manual Therapy certification (Both via University of St. Augustine). Treating patients with my hands has been the primary focus of my career but I never discount the importance of therex, and all of our patients are taught a HEP to support what we do in the clinic.

On that same topic, we never have patients doing things in the clinic that they could be doing on their own at home … people don’t like to pay much out-of-pocket for that treatment approach.

Due to legal limitations from not being a Participating Medicare Provider, we do not treat a great deal of Medicare beneficiaries though we do have a handful of Medicare patients here and there.

Patients pay in-full at the time of service and are provided a receipt with the necessary codes/info to send in self-claims to insurance if they so choose.

Documentation must be inline with the State Practice Act and be sufficient if legal issues arise, but much of the insurance-based paperwork requirements do not exist in this clinic.

Sound exciting so far? If not, no need to read further. If so, let me tell you more about who we're looking for.

Clinically, we're looking for a stellar manual therapist. Having solid training in manual therapy beyond what is taught in PT school is advantageous. Our practice is developing a solid niche working with Runners, so having a passion and specialized skill set in that arena is also a bonus.

Having a natural ability with your hands is a must. I’ve known PTs who have taken significant continuing education in manual therapies but lacked a natural ability with their hands. Some things can be taught and some things unfortunately cannot. I’m looking for that person who has always been told they have “great hands.”

So you will bring your own skill set but we'll be teaching you a large number of manual techniques and ways to optimize patient interactions and experiences. I’m a fan of having a big clinical “toolbox” and do not subscribe to any one physical therapy school/methodology as being better than all others. So get ready to learn!

But there's something even more important than your manual/PT skills: your personality and interpersonal skills. In my opinion, if you can't "win over" a patient via your conversations and interactions, it almost doesn't matter how good you are with your hands and therex prescription. The right person for this job will be able to assess and skillfully respond to the wide variety of personailty types that visit our clinic, "meeting them where they're at" to build great repoire with every patient.

Part of your job responsibilities will include occasional reading clinical-related books/articles as well as business-related content. Especially when we’re training you, you may be recording a lot of that training via video as well as text. Having to take on these responsibilities during training will help to reinforce the knowledge and skills we’re teaching you.

So I’m obviously looking for someone who is passionate about learning and wise enough to know there will always be much more to learn … regardless of age or experience. And in our clinic, the learning, training, and practicing will not only be about improving clinical skills but also about improving your ability to create of an incredible experience for every patient (and that experience goes very far beyond just the results you get for them with your PT skills).

Some other things to help you decide if this position is a good fit for you:

If a primary joy for you in the field of PT involves being able to treat elderly patients, this may not be the best clinic for you since we are limited in which Medicare beneficiaries we can legally accept as patients.

This clinic’s population is quite diverse and evenly spread among gender and age up to 64. Plenty of weekend warriors, desk jockeys, high school athletes, and middle-aged highly-driven people trying to stay active and fit. We also have a lot of runners at our clinic and are actively developing a presence in the running groups of Austin. Our patients are amazing! You’re gonna love them.

Due to the cash-pay business model and the fact that we don’t market to orthopedists, the clinic doesn’t see a lot of post-op rehab patients (nor is the clinic outfitted for much of that … no large gym space with lots of equipment).  

Your schedule will be open to 35 hours per week of patient care, with the aim of averaging 30 or more hours of actual treatment time per week.

There will be other regular marketing tasks (blog/video creation, community/athletic events and workshops, etc.) you’ll be responsible for as well, but everything will always be manageable within a 40 hour work week.

This position will be perfect for someone who has great manual skills and a compassionate, joyful outlook on life. Someone who is looking for an environment where high quality care and patient experience is truly the top priority (not just part of a mission statement) … where you are not rushing from patient to patient all day and then buried in a never-ending pile of paperwork …  where your employer is not nagging you about the type and number of codes you’re billing … where the harder you work the more money you can make (via profit sharing), but the minimum necessary schedule is quite relaxed compared to the typical outpatient PT position.

If all the above has made you excited about this job, here is a detailed "success description" outlining all the details of what being successful in this position will look like ...

Thanks for reading this far! You're already showing some of the characteristics I'm looking for so if you’re interested in applying for this position, please send an email to: and ...

1) Use the Subject Line: I'd love to work at Carter Physiotherapy

2) Within the email, please write a few sentences about why you feel you are a great fit for this position.

3) Include a link to your LinkedIn profile (If you don’t already have one, please make one and include the link in the email ... doesn't need to be long or fancy.)

4) Attach your resumé as a PDF file

Thank you so much for your interest in this position.

I hope to meet you soon!

~ Jarod