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It seemed that every time I get over one injury, get healthy for a week, the very next week I would tweak or pull something else. This past Thursday, we were scrimmaging at the end of practice and I felt something pop in the back of my leg. Thankfully, practice was ended shortly after I got hurt. I went to Carter Physiotherapy the next day, and my therapist immediately knew what had happened, and was able to treat me for a large tear in the fascia of my hamstring. The treatment was very painful, as he pushed and manipulated the injured area, but I left the ONE treatment being able to run (which he had me do in the parking lot after the session).

He did a complete analysis of my body and showed me all of the problem areas that were leading to my injuries. I have worked with physical therapists in the past, through college, and after, and I have never ever been more impressed. If not for Carter Physiotherapy, I wouldn’t be fit to play this weekend, and who knows how long I would be out.

AJ, Professional Soccer Player

The therapists at Carter Physiotherapy are such talented Manual Therapists, I travel from out of State to get their treatments. I have been to numerous Physical Therapists in many cities over the years and I truly believe they are some of the best in the country.


After running a half marathon, my knee was still painful 1 month later.  I tried several conservative treatments at home without relief and then decided to see Jarod for some Manual Physical Therapy and was pain free in a week (3 treatments).  Having worked as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and now completing my medical degree at Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, I would have to say that my therapist’s knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and how to properly restore normal function is as good, if not better, than most of the Osteopathic Physicians I have worked with.  If you have a musculoskeletal injury, these are the guys to see in Austin, TX.  I am excited to have such consummate professionals to refer my patients to next year.


If you’re in pain-a little or a lot- Carter Physiotherapy is the solution! I had a long standing back issue that I’d given up on ever resolving.  The therapists at Carter Physiotherapy spent time with me observing how I walked and moved, asking questions and then worked on my back.  I am pain free for the first time in years!  They identify the issue quickly, they are thorough and they really care about their patients.  They worked with my mom when she was in town to visit and she had great success too!  She’d been to many doctors, Physical Therapists and pain management clinics and the therapists Carter Physiotherapy were the first people able to offer her results.  Their method is different than other Physical Therapists – they gets results and you get relief!  What more can you ask?


In 2008, I was referred by my General Practitioner to a sports medicine physician for a worsening condition with my left shoulder.  Over a period of about 18 months my shoulder became more and more painful and inflexible. I could not reach behind my back or easily put on a shirt at that point.

The sports medicine physician suspected a torn rotator cuff and ordered two different MRI’s – one without contrast and then one with contrast dye.  The tests confirmed that it was NOT a rotator cuff issue and I was referred to a another sports medicine doctor – a shoulder specialist at a large prestigious sports medicine practice in Austin.

The new doctor took one look at my shoulder and declared that I had bursitis and proceeded to give me a cortisone injection (so painful I passed out in his office) and predicted I would be cured by morning.  This prediction proved to be wrong and he sent me to his in-house Physical Therapist for the traditional shoulder exercises to see what would happen.

I eventually shared my saga with my friend at Carter Physical Therapy who listened to my story and immediately suspected that I had a condition called a Frozen Shoulder.  He explained that he had recently studied some innovative treatments for this frustrating condition and offered to treat me.  He began a series of manual adjustment and massage treatments on my shoulder about once a week.  Within six weeks I was pain free and had regained normal mobility in the shoulder and two years later no symptoms have returned.

The therapists at Carter Physical Therapy were knowledgeable and dramatically more effective than the two specialists I saw.  Their treatment actually fixed the problem. They have a kind and compassionate bedside manner and you know the first time you meet them that they really care about the wellbeing of their patients.  You are truly in good hands when you put yourself in their care.


I highly recommend Carter Physiotherapy to anyone I know who is experiencing muscle pain or injury.  I’ve seen the therapists Carter Physiotherapy for injuries and pain associated with my TMJ issues, and they have been amazing.  

Once, right before I was supposed to go on an extended business trip, I sprained my ankle.  I made an appointment hoping that they might be able to relieve some of the pain.  I was surprised, however, that after one session Jarod had completely restored the full range of motion on my sprained ankle and eliminated all of the stiffness and pain I had been experiencing from that sprain. I had no idea that was even possible!


The therapists at Carter Physical Therapy are so professional and asks so many questions to understand all your joint, muscle or tissue issues. They could not be more thorough. Their methods are very different than traditional Physical Therapists. Their goal is to get you at 100% in as few appointments as possible, unlike other therapists that have you come back for months to get better, which makes me happy since I don’t have to spend the time or money on countless appointments! Their method works. Now, I will say, it is pretty painful. But oh my gosh, it is so worth it. And they are good conversationalists which helps you almost forget about the pain.

I met the therapists at Carter Physical Therapy at a sporting event where they were offering free injury evaluations. I had pulled my hamstring muscle 2 months prior (trying to go too far in my splits- oops!) and it had never gotten better. I tried leaving it alone for a couple weeks, stretching it, heating pads, ice, etc and nothing worked. So when I saw Jarod, I thought, “Hey, what the hell. Might as well try this.” He told me that within 5 minutes, he would be able to make about 50% of the pain go away. I was skeptical. But he was wrong – it was like 70% better! In 5 minutes! I was sold. I wanted to get to 100% so I booked an appointment with them. Two appointments (plus those 5 minutes) later, my hamstring is 100% now. They even gave me a list of exercises and stretches to do at home.

Whenever I have an ache, pull a muscle, or otherwise hurt myself, Carter Physical Therapy will be the first place I call.



Hi , my name is Juanita.  I had been living with lower back pain for about 1 1/2 years before I went to Carter Physiotherapy.

I went to a chiropractor for a year of treatments.  Towards the end of the year with the chiropractor that nagging lower back pain was still present.  So when the chiropractor wanted me to sign up for another year of treatments I said, ” No, thank you “, it’s time to try something else.

My daughter had informed me that one of her friends is a Physical Therapist and that I should give them a try.  That’s when I met the therapists at Carter Physiotherapy.  Boy was I glad I took my daughter’s advice.  From the very first treatment that nagging lower back pain started to diminish. 

Now I am able to walk at a fast pace like I used to before the pain.  With just three treatments and advice about what exercises to perform, I am on the way to feeling like my old self again.  No more constant lower back pain.  

The treatments at Carter Physiotherapy have also helped me with my knees and my neck.

Thanks again Carter Physiotherapy!


I absolutely recommend the therapists at Carter Physiotherapy. Their therapists are simply extraordinary. I had lost the function of my right shoulder due to wearing a brace on my fractured right humerus for more than three months. The fracture had not yet healed, but the orthopedic surgeon felt we could start Physical Therapy before my shoulder got any worse. And so, after calling the surgeon to be sure exactly what type of stress my arm could tolerate, my PT began working his magic, which led us to this week and my fully-functional right shoulder.

They are very, very good at what they do. They are insistent without being demanding. They are funny and charming and just the perfect people to cajole me into doing those home exercises.

They made me feel that they cared about me as an individual, not just as “the right shoulder” or “the fractured humerus.” They tailored their hands-on treatments and my exercise routine to my physical ability and mental state as we went along, and turned what could have been a tedious and painful ordeal into something I actually looked forward to each week.


Carter Physiotherapy is awesome. I had issues with my hip from running so I went to see Jarod. I had initially gone to my general doctor, a sports doctor, and then finally to Carter Physiotherapy. I was happy that he told me I shouldn’t stop doing what I loved to do: run. He is so knowledgeable and friendly too. He worked on my hip a couple of times and I have never had a problem since and I still run!


I came to Carter Physical Therapy after my fiancé went and saw them for an ankle injury that had bothered him for years.  After 3 visits he was playing soccer and tennis several times a week and happier than ever.  

As I was training for a marathon I started having some trouble with my knee.  I suspected the IT band, but stretching did nothing to ease the pain.  I went to Carter Physical Therapy and they immediately noticed that my hips needed strengthening on one side, which was causing the IT band to strain and hurt.  

They did one treatment on me, gave me an in-home exercise program, and suggested that I get orthotics made to further help my situation.  That night after one treatment I ran a fast 6 miles pain free!  I went for two more treatments to have the orthotics made and to work a bit on the problematic knee.  I have continued the at-home exercises and still remain pain free!   I’m so glad I went to Carter Physical Therapy!


I highly recommend Carter Physiotherapy. I went there last year when I started having some pain in my wrist and elbow. I was surprised how well they found the exact muscles that were bothering me and had some interesting techniques to fix the issue. Some say it’s a little painful but I gladly put up with a little pain to get rid of what was becoming a chronic condition.

After the first session, most of the at-rest pain was gone and after the second, the stress-related pain left too. They suggested ways to correct the condition from reoccurring and I haven’t had a problem since.


I went to Carter Physical Therapy because of sciatica. I’d already had treatment by another Manual Therapist, which definitely helped, but I just wasn’t able to rid myself completely of nagging and occasionally painful effects. I should also add that I hadn’t been able to run for nearly a year because it would always re-aggravate the sciatica, and plane rides or car rides caused pain.

After several treatments I have ZERO sciatica pain. Not only that, but they helped correct a toe injury that has bothered me for many years. I should add that as a patient I had – and still have – responsibilities in the treatment. Nearly every day I do the stretches and exercises they prescribed. Those are an important part of successful treatment.

I’m back to running 10-12 miles a week. Incredible! Give Carter Physical Therapy a call if you have an injury. They are gifted therapists!


Carter Physiotherapy is amazing! I had been dealing with a lot of pain in my clavicle area for a little over a year. Multiple visits to orthopedic surgeons did nothing to help, nor did massage therapy, body workers, or just plain resting. A friend recommended Carter Physiotherapy and I’m glad she did!

After the first treatment I was already feeling drastically better, and after a couple of treatments I am now 100% pain free in my clavicle! I even went back to get some help with a back issue that is now resolved. I have since referred two of my friends, both of whom have had the same great results.

The therapists at Carter Physiotherapy are professional, thorough, and genuinely caring in their approach. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone dealing with pain…they are amazing!


The services at Carter Physical Therapy are as good as they come.  I never would have expected such quick results for pain reduction and increased movement.  Not only are they totally skillful and brilliant, they also offers a genuinely caring attitude and takes the time to explain the causes of pain and what one can expect in the future.  Working with them is an all-around enjoyable experience.  You will leave their office happier than when you walked in.


I am 24 years old and ran into some soft tissue problems with my wrist May 2010.  After a month of exercising on my own and attempting to rehab it, I did not have much success.  I am a personal trainer, so recovering was important to me as I need my wrist to demonstrate almost every exercise I show to clients.

After one session with Jarod, the mobility of my wrist improved significantly.  I am now able to get through my job pain-free.  There is still work to be done; however, the results received from one session speak largely to the exemplar level of Manual Therapy at which they operate. 

As with any treatment, do not expect to be immediately cured; although, do not be surprised if it turns out to be a rapid fix.


I recently had a treatment by my therapist at Carter Physiotherapy for a chronic stiff neck issue that has plagued me for over 5 years. At the beginning of the treatment it was painful to turn my head from side to side and I could not begin to try and look back over my shoulder due to pain and stiffness.

After several minutes of treatment, on either side of my neck and into my shoulders, I experienced a range of motion that was greatly improved and the pain had subsided. They also gave me extensive instructions on three different types of stretching exercises and how exactly to perform the motion as well as how long to hold the stretch in order to keep the problem from returning.

I plan to return to Carter Physiotherapy to continue to work out the joint and muscle tension and stiffness that has built up over the years. 


I was in a traumatic car accident involving an 18-wheeler and had shoulder and neck pain for months. I went to one PT, and while I experienced some relief, I still had spasms and cramping. Carter Physiotherapy’s Manual Therapy really took the tension out of my muscles, and they took the time to explain what they were doing and why. Combined with some weight-lifting and improved posture, I’ve felt better ever since.


The therapists at Carter Physiotherapy are miracle workers! A few treatments with them on my neck after it was aching and cracking for weeks on end and I have had zero pain since. Amazing. My neck hasn’t popped or cracked since I saw them. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.


I had been having pain in the upper part of my left foot for four months and after seeing two doctors I was merely told to take some Advil and stay off of my foot. As a hair stylist, it’s very hard to stay off of your feet all day. After a great review I heard from a friend, I went to go see a therapist at Carter Physical Therapy.

They really spend time to get to know you, your life, how and when the pain started, and where the pain is located. After fully examining my foot, he began to work on my foot and within seven or so minutes (this is my best way to describe it) he had moved the bruised and painful area out of my foot. Literally, they massaged the ball of bruise out of the center and down and out of my foot.

The amount of knowledge they have of the human body and all its inner workings is so extensive, but they remain the most humble and genuine doctors I have ever been to. Since they do not take insurance,  the therapists at Carter Physical Therapy are able to spend the entire hour with you discussing your problems and providing therapy. One session and you’ll be a believer.


I have been doing really well since I last went to Carter Physiotherapy. I have a 200 mile relay next weekend (Hood to Coast) and so far, so good with the training. I can feel my Achilles get tight after some of my longer runs, but I spend a good bit of time stretching it out like they showed me and haven’t had any problems after that. I think they also caught my IT band issue by pinpointing how I was rolling my foot outward.

Basically,  the therapists at Carter Physiotherapy are miracle workers… THANK YOU! I kept thinking I would have to come see you guys as I ramped up my training for the race next weekend, but I haven’t had any trouble yet. Of course, typical runner, I’m signed up for a 25k trail run in Nov and the 3M in January, so I still have you on speed dial #2 behind my mom. :)


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