Running analysis

Running analysis in Austin TX

What exactly is a run analysis?

We here at Carter Physiotherapy are experts at working with runners and analyzing their gait. We utilize high speed cameras to assess your form and find out anything that could be leading to your current injury or future injury. Our technology allows us to draw exact angles from multiple angles to determine any issues with your running form. Being able to see yourself run from multiple angles will allow as a runner to make subtle changes to your form which will help improve your efficiency and reduce risk of injury. Don’t let that nagging pain keep you off the trail.

What can I expect during my running analysis?

Each session is 1 hour long and consists of complete review of running history, injuries, and shoe wear. It is critical for us to have a complete history of your running injuries because that will allow us to better understand your current injury if you have one. We will take multiple angles to determine any factors that are or could be putting you at risk as a runner. We will provide a real time analysis with in the clinic to help your understand your mechanics and immediate improvement that could be made.

Will have I access to my analysis?

Absolutely. You will receive a detailed video format of the analysis in mp.4 format that you can access at anytime. You will also receive a written analysis from the video and a detailed exercise program that is specific to the deficits that were observed the analysis.

What should I wear to the run analysis?

Please wear running shorts and shirt. Also, bring in your primary running shoes so we can assess if they are working for you or not. If you rotate between two shoes please bring in both. If you have inserts as well please bring them in so we can take a look at them.


Here what our runners had to say about the run analysis…

My name is Mike and I’ve been a runner for the past 10-15 years. Most of my time has been spent on the trails of Lady Bird Lake and doing fun runs all over town. When I started my marathon training a few months ago, I transitioned from the forgiving surface of the trails, to the hard surfaces of concrete and asphalt of downtown Austin. It was only a matter of time before the aches and pains started to accumulate. I joined a local running group that Carter Physiotherapy was sponsoring and I had heard Jared and Ben speak at one of our meet and greets. At that time, I wasn’t in any need of extra care, but I’m glad I had listened to what they said and remembered their name.

About half way through my training, when the distances had started to increase, I ran into my first real pain. I had a really sore muscle on the inside of my calf that made it very hard to run. In fact, on one of my weekday runs, I had to stop and walk back to the truck because it hurt so bad. That’s when I remembered Carter PT. After meeting with Ben, we decided to do a run analysis to see if there was anything in my running form that may have been causing the calf pain. Ben had me run both barefoot, and in my running shoes to see if he could see any rolling of my feet, or how my knee was bending when my feet hit the ground, if my hips were level, and a myriad of other things.

After running on the treadmill, we sat down and he showed me slide by slide everything that I was doing really well, along with the things that I could try and change to possibly help erase some of the pain that kept coming back. Luckily there weren’t too many problems with my form and the things that Ben suggested I work on have helped me tremendously. I only have a few more weeks before my training is done, and the leg pain that once almost sidelined me has gone away.

Had it not been for Ben’s run analysis, care, and attention, I most certainly would not have been able to continue on with the marathon training and meeting my goals. If anyone out there is experiencing any kind of pain, or is just curious to see if there is anything that can improve their running, I recommend letting Ben take a look. It is well worth your time.


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Ben Shook. I saw him to get a video running analysis. I am 38 and very active. In college as a hobby, I ran. Then graduate school, career and family became my priorities, and exercise took a backseat. About a year and a half ago, I started running again around Austin. It was a tough start just getting my endurance up and getting adjusted to the heat…and dealing with shin splints. Once I was able to run several miles and recovered from the shin splints with ice, stretching and resting, I was getting awful pain in my right knee and left ankle. I was about to give up on running, but then I found Ben. He did a video run analysis on me, and discussed the results right after the analysis. He noticed that I was striking the ground without enough knee flexion and now that it has been corrected, the pain is gone. Honestly, I am somewhat self-conscious and couldn’t stand the idea of someone videoing and analyzing me. Ben made the experience very comfortable and established the objective to help me improve my running posture to eliminate the pain. I highly recommend Ben for run analysis, hands on physical therapy and dry needling.

Ryan C

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As running injury experts, we find ourselves repeating the same 10 tips to injured runners all the time, so we decided to create a quick-to-read report with this mileage-boosting information and give it to you for Free.


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