Observe the people around you. How do they sit? Are your workmates crouched over a computer? Are your friends slumped on their smartphones? It’s not that hard to achieve good posture. But “what really is good posture?”

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Video Transcription [Please excuse grammatical errors due to the conversational nature of the video]:

Hey, guys! Ben from Carter PT here again.

Thanks for the comments about that beer review I made the other day. I appreciate that. Something I  want to talk about is posture today.

Posture is something that we all are familiar with. We always evaluate how good or bad someone’s posture is, but what exactly is good posture?

I always think that posture is something to maintain for long periods of time without much work. We’re sitting, but sitting is not that active of   an activity. Consequently, we shouldn’t have to work so hard to keep upright. We’re often taught as kids to sit up very straight and the reality is that’s hard to maintain for any length of time.

One thing we see a lot, with young people especially, is this kind of posture right here where the head is forward and the shoulders are rolled forward. That is really taxing on the neck and the back.

But some people can hold that form without much problem, so the key posture is finding a position that you can comfortably sustain for long periods of time so you’re not working hard.

We work on people here every day at Carter PT and it puts a lot of strain on our backs, necks, and joints. We have to make an effort on our own just be able to get our bodies in a better position to work on  you guys. So when you’re at work, you really need to evaluate your situation.

We just had an article that came out on Wayfair.com. I’ll post the link here at the end of this video so you guys can take a look at it. It talks about what posture is, what does good posture looks like, and how to achieve that at work. One thing I see is that people don’t sit all the way back in their chairs.

If you’ve got a chair at work and it has a back to it, use it. For some reason, most people end up just holding themselves up, not actually  touching the back of the chairs. We also make sure to have a good chair to begin with. Next we want to look at the height of the chair. Is it too high? Is it too low? How is it in relationship to the monitor?

So make sure to figure that out and this will make your day a lot better. One day of sitting poorly is not going to make a big difference but these habits can have cumulative effects on the back and neck. If you sit in similar positions for 40 years, those habits are going to be difficult to change.

So if you guys have any questions or comments feel free to add it at the bottom here and reach out to us at www.CarterPT.com. Again I’ll post those links to that Wayfair.com. Thanks! Take care.

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