It feels so good when you start to lose weight and loosen up a little bit. You have more strength and more endurance. But around the 5 to 6 mile marker, problems start to appear. One of the biggest questions they ask, “I just started running, now what?” Watch the video and leave any questions you may have in the comments section below.

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Video Transcription [Please excuse grammatical errors due to the conversational nature of the video]:

Hey, guys! Ben from Carter PT here again.

Running season has just kicked off and like many, you might be really excited about a new season. The weather is starting to cool a little bit in Austin and everybody just started to add some miles.

Early on, most runners don’t have any problems at all. During the 1-4 mile run, it feels good when you start to lose weight and your body starts to loosen up a little bit. You have more strength and a little more endurance. But usually around the 5 to 6 mile marker, things start to appear.

It may start with some calf tightness, a little knee discomfort, or some hip tightness those things aren’t that big of a deal. The rule is that if you let those things get worse, they can progress into a real injury.

Well, a lot of people aren’t here training for the Austin Fit. There’s also the half or full in February or the Austin 3M which is in January. So they have plenty of time to get prepared.

But if you’re new to running, the body is really experiencing forces it hasn’t before. It’s really important to listen to those little things like your calves, your knees and your hips. They’re warning signs that you should pay attention to this soreness after a run and are completely normal.

But the soreness prolonging for a couple days and continuing into the next run is not okay. So it’s really important that you come see us at Austin Fit if you start experiencing some of those things. We can help people put you in the right direction right away.

I know I’m about to pick up my running again. One of the things I have to look out for is my tendency to get left knee issues. If I’m not paying close attention as my mileage rises, I start to run into problems.

So if you have any questions reach out to hope to see you out at Austin Fit in the upcoming weeks. Thanks, take care!

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