In today’s post/video, I’ll be further exploring the topic of custom orthotics and how the arch of a foot can impact the decision of which orthotics to obtain. If you have foot, knee, hip, or low back pain, see why custom orthotics may be the best option for you.

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Video Transcription (please excuse grammatical errors and the conversational nature of the transcription):

Hey, guys. Ben with Carter PT here again. I wanted to expand our conversation earlier about orthotics. Custom orthotics are a really awesome design for people that are looking for something a little bit more than they’re getting with over-the-counter orthotics.

And I want to explain the difference between over-the-counter versus custom and how we approach orthotics here at Carter PT.

So, here’s a foot model and the idea with orthotics is that we’re trying to provide support for the foot throughout, but the reality is that the arch is called the arch because it’s not meant to be a weight-bearing surface of the foot.

But the reality is that over-the-counter orthotics just support the arch, which for some people is okay. But if we have patients that don’t have much great success with that, we like to encourage them to go with a custom orthotic that provides support in the forefoot and the rear foot.

So I’ll give you an example here. This is an orthotic that we recently made for a patient. You can see there is a nice arch correction right here. There’s also some correction to the forefoot and the rear foot, and this is really important because this is where we’re getting support their feet.

Our arch should not be in contact, but often it is. If we can support the foot through here, then the arch can sit more comfortably on that which is what we want. This is a nice shell orthotic here because it’s nice, bendable and pliable and it can fit in most shoe types.

So, the reality is that we can make an orthotic that can fit almost any shoe type. So, if you have boots, if you have dancing shoes, whatever it might be, we can customize this. This is a full-length orthotic right here, but for dress shoes and other places, we can choose a three-quarter length orthotic.

Those are great options to have and if you have any questions, go to for more information. Thanks, take care.

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